"It's not about knowing all the gimmicks and photo tricks.
If you haven't got the eye, no program will give it to you"

David Carson


Hi, I am Karl, a Graphic Designer by trade. I thought you might like to know a bit more about me, what I do and some of the things I enjoy. Here goes...

I’ve been a designer for almost 20 years having graduated back in 1999 from Cumbria College of Art & Design (CCAD) with a degree in Graphic and Editorial Design. Originally from Northern Ireland I've eventually ended up in sunny Brighton on the south coast.

Since my uni days I’ve worked for start-ups, large corporations and long established publishing houses, mainly working in print, but in recent years I have undertaken courses in After Effects and HTML5 as I try to keep up with the digital focus of the industry.

Currently I’m employed with Bard, a global medical device company, as a Senior Designer. The role involves a variety of work, designing product brochures, emailers, large format graphics for booths and exhibitions, and also providing content, visuals and on-site support for our annual company meetings held throughout Europe. My role has allowed my to develop my digital skills set, but being a large corporate, pharma-focused company, there is little scope to really develop new ideas an apply different design method.

Prior to Bard I was a freelancer for 6 years, working on many international brands across a number of platforms. At the Telegraph I helped develop their FIFA World Cup micro-site and sports pages, while at the Sunday Times I supported development of their digital election coverage. At Twist Media I was involved in key B2B marketing campaigns for SmartReach, Worldstone Bank and BT One. I also spent time in Paris and Boston developing marketing campaigns for a number of new start-ups involving Harvard students, and in 2012 I spent 2 years as the Creative Director relaunching the GolfPunk brand as a digital offering, an exciting role that combined my love for sport and design.

I landed my first job after university as a designer for City Lights Magazine, a What’s On guide for the East Midlands before moving to London where I was employed by Titan Publishing. Here I worked on the Lost and Star Wars brands with my redesign of Star Wars Insider instrumental in the company acquiring the lucrative US publishing rights, allowing them to push the Titan brand offering into new territories.

As well as the day to day work I also like to scribble at home, I love using Adobe Illustrator for drawing maps and creating infographics. Away from the pixels, I’ve also been known to DJ from time to time and love a good si-fi or war movie. I also love sport, in particular football and rugby, and enjoy travelling as much as I can. I spend most of my free time though devoted to my wonderful wife and two children.

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