Bard Biopsy
Branding for a bi-annual Bard Biopsy
International Teaching Course


  • Client: BARD Biospy
  • Date: 18-19 May, 2017
  • Location: Milan (IT)

BRIEF: Develop a brand style to promote the Bi-annual Biopsy Masterclass International Teaching Course

With such a delicate subject as breat cancer screening the idea from the outset was to be as feminine as possible. The logo idea came from the pink ribbon used for Breast Cancer Awareness, simply unravelled and shaped so it loosely resembled an uppercase "B".

The Trajan font was used as it felt classic and feminine without clashing with the "Bard Advance" medical education branding everything was wrapped in. I then incorporated a cropped logo to add a sense of focus, with an alternative multiplied effect version created to work over the green gradient for larger graphics.