European Hernia
Symposium (EHS)
Branding for the annual Davol Hernia Symposium
focusing on synthetic meshes & fixation devices


  • Client: BARD DAVOL
  • Date: 14-15 October, 2016
  • Location: Paris (FR)

BRIEF: Develop a brand style for the EHS Symposium complete with a new logo and templates to update content on an annual basis

With the focus of the symposium being on hernia repair I took the pattern of Bard's key mesh product Phasix® as a starting point. From here the leading "L" characters form the meeting's strap line "learning from the past, looking to the future" were incorporated to create this sort of double "X" stack. Required mainly for large format printing the font needed to have impact so I eventually decided on Futura Extra Bold, with a lighter weight added to give contrast.

Once the basic logo was finalised and approved, the next step was to introduce the corporate colour scheme, with a greyscale skyline image of the host city added to give the event a sense of location. From here all the various event collateral required was developed and rolled out.