Grub Runner
Branding and interface visuals for
a food delivery start-up company.


  • Client: Yapi
  • Date: 28-29 November, 2013
  • Location: San Francisco (US)

BRIEF: Develop a logo and app visual for a new food delivery service start-up in the US

The brief stated nothing more than the demand for a logo for a new food delivery service, with a preference for red in the colour scheme. My immediate thought was a sort of roadrunner coyote but thought this give the impression of roadkill. I then sketched out a character on a moped, using the animated Inspecter Clouseux as inspiration and the grub runner logo was born. Bizarrely, the client ask that the 'g' be lowercase and the "R" uppercase

The interface for the app was kept simple, in keeping with the majority of competitors, with the red used for little more than framing text fields.