O Phone
Branding and Marketing communications for a Boston-based
start-up featuring a phone that can transmit scent


  • Client: O Phone Inc.
  • Date: April, 2012
  • Location: San Francisco (US)

BRIEF: Stationary, business plan documentation and marketing communications for O-Phone, a phone that transmits smell

This was a Harvard start-up company that had developed the basic technology to transmit odours digitally thst can then be received through an encoded transmissions that tell the "phone" device what kind of smells to play.

First, you go to a website choose your ‘symphony,’ choosing a type of coffee, then a chocolate, then a caramel and a nut variety. Then, you transmit the recipes via bluetooth. The Ophone combines its materials in the required complication to render those smells.

Branding and marketing was kept clean and simple with the logo dominant on all flyers, business plans and stationary.