Publishing design and graphic content for Star Wars Insider,
official LucasFilm licensed magazine for Star Wars


  • Client: LucasFilm & Tital Publishing
  • Date: May 2005 - September 2010
  • Location: London (UK)

BRIEF: Create design concepts, regular features and promotional posters for Internationally published Star Wars magazine

As a kid growing up I was always a huge fan so when given the opportunity to work on the UK magazine it was something I couldn’t turn down. I felt everything need freshening up so redesigned the mag from top to bottom, introducing a fixed set of fonts, a new cover style and lots of small design elements from the general LucasFilm style guide, all things I hoped would engage readers more.

The design of the mag was well received, so much so that LucasFilm then offered the exclusive rights to the US magazine, something that allowed our company to expand into new markets and offer other products to a more lucrative global audience.