Branding and UX design for a Harvard start-up
focused on digitally recording course lectures


  • Client: No MORE READING INC.
  • Date: May - June, 2012
  • Location: London (UK)

BRIEF: Create a logo and website design for an online audio library where students can access lectures digitally

So you’re a student, and you’ve been out partying the night before. You wake up and the lecture you were supposed to be attending is all but finished.

Panic averted, as you simply open up your Stopr (Stop Reading) app, log in with your college details and download the lecture to your device. Then you listen and take notes in your own time meaning you’ll have no problems passing the exam. That’s Stopr – Soundcloud for education.

A simple logo featuring a book with an audio wave and a very simple user interface with filters to focus on individual line of study or particular professors.