The Sunday Times
2010 Election
Create digital content to illustrate
live 2010 Election results.


  • Date: 6 May, 2010
  • Location: London (UK)

BRIEF: Work with a developer to create a series of designs and illustrations to showcase live constituency results.

Part one of the brief was to take the pre-formatted wireframe design and create a series of graphics and icons to represent each of the political parties. Rather than overdoing it with flashy imposing icons I stripped the design right back and kept everything as clean as possible. Aside from the boundary maps, the only graphics used were simple colour bars, allowing more emphasis to be placed on the actual figures and results.

Part two was the extremely laborious task of illustrating each of the individual constituencies. This had to be done to a level of accuraccy that would allow visitors to the site to zoom in to check local results in any individual area chosen.