Branding for an annual medical education teaching course for
intensive care doctors practising Targeted Temperature Management


  • Client: BARD Medical
  • Date: 10-11 Setember, 2015
  • Location: Prague (CZ)

BRIEF: Develop a brand style for the them of this year's meeting - Tailored Temperature Management

Each year the basic elements (colour pallette, vetruvian man and heat map) of the brand are themed to coincide with the contents under discussion at the event each year. For 2015, the theme was the theory of different temperatures being essential for individual patients. From this I too the invidual colours, then fanned them out behing the central character to create the logo

Banners, course books, notebooks, maps, presentations, feedback forms and a series of promotional items were then created, with staged lighting and AV set-up working in hand with the theme for the year at the final event in Prague.